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Why we love our Chan Luu scarves!


Chan Luu scarves are the ultimate luxe blend of cashmere and silk. If you've ever tried one on, then you know the feeling of pure cloud-like perfection. The pieces are airy and breezy with an irresistible hand-spun fringe trim.

The color options for Chan Luus are almost endless.  I've found it so difficult to choose a favorite because each one brings out different aspects for my outfit. This might be why I have a bit of an addiction (...I mean collection) at this point and absolutely no regrets about it. Sometimes it's the right choice to pick my deep teal to accent the green in my eyes.  Other times, a baja blue will perfectly pull out the color in a floral dress. It's also a no-brainer to have a few options in neutrals that can be worn with any variety of options, like my walnut or eggshell. Oh, and don't get me started on my navy with stars print!

The versatility of these Chan Luus is another big seller for me.  Not only is it a fantastic pop of color for my neckline on a cold day, but it has also served as a pashmina wrap to a countless number of special events over many of my favorite party dresses. This is a life-saver for a wedding where the air conditioning is on overdrive and your sitting through a long church service or for an outdoor mountain wedding where the weather just won't cooperate.

It's also a cozy and warm travel companion for any airplane ride, short or long.  I've been known to wrap it up around my shoulders or frankly, lay it across my whole body like blanket.  It's always surprising how such a lightweight piece can keep you as warm as a heavy blanket.  The final bonus is its ease to be folded up cleanly & simply into my bag or backpack.  This is key when visiting cities where the temperature changes on a dime.  I often put it on for 30 minutes then put it away, cycling that behavior all day long.

Do you have any favorite colors that are an absolute must for our readers or have tips about styling your own Chan Luu? Add in the comments below!

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